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UPVC Casing Pipe

UPVC Casing pipes are an ideal choice for Borewell applications to pump out clean water from borewells. They are made from high quality PVC compound. Extremely smooth finish surface ensures bare minimum hydraulic friction. They are far more superior in quality compared to conventional MS casing pipes. Most economical for installation and transportation. The availability of surface water resources are drying up at an alarming rate. The crisis has assumed serious proportions all over the country. People are drilling wells and taking out water from the depths of the earth, the best alternative available to them. Therefore, the construction of bore wells all over the country is at all time high. SINTHAL uPVC casing pipes are the most suitable and the best choice for strength and ultimate in durability for this purpose.


o    The Pipes are non-corrosive. Has high tensile strength & can withstand high impacts.

o    Being light in weight, it is easy to handle & install.

o    Excellent product incorporating the latest modern technology & innovations.