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UPVC Column Pipe is a product, meticulously designed for bore well submersible pumps. The properties and advantages of our product have enabled it to replace the galvanized steel pipes for column applications. Our high performance Pipe is most preferred amongst the widely used uPVC Column Pipes application. Sinthal pipes blend the combination of technology and quality that guarantees a trouble free performance. Stringent quality check is done at every stage of production that ensures the highest standard which forms the hall mark of Sinthal uPVC Column Pipes quality. Sinthal brings best-in-class expertise and an unrivalled passion for customer service. Sinthal’s portfolio represent one of the most extensive and diverse product range. 

Square Threads Taper System

The square thread form is a common screw thread form, used in high load applications such as lead screws and jackscrews. It gets its name from the square cross-section of the thread. It is the lowest friction and most efficient thread form, but it is difficult to fabricate.

Advantages & disadvantages

The greatest advantage of square threads is that they have a much higher intrinsic efficiency than trapezoidal threads (Acme or metric trapezoidal). Due to the lack of a thread angle there is no radial pressure, or bursting pressure, on the nut. This also increases the nut life.

The greatest disadvantage is the difficulty in machining such a thread. The single-point cutting tools or taps and dies used to cut the thread cannot have efficient rake and relief angles (because of the square form), which makes the cutting slow and difficult. Square threads also cannot carry as much load as a trapezoidal thread, because the root of the square thread is smaller. Also, there is no way to compensate for wear on the nut, so it must be replaced when worn out.