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Sinthal Poolymers is India’s leading manufacturer of PVC Pipes & Fittings . Sinthal Poolymers is headquartered in Raipur and operates through its state of the art manufacturing plants located in Raipur,Chhattisgarh .

Sinthal Poolymers is the PVC–U Pipes manufacturer to be awarded the ISI certification. With its network of  direct and indirect retail outlets spread across India, Sinthal Poolymers PVC-U Pipes and Fittings of consistently superior quality are easily accessible throughout the country.

Carrying water from the source to the destination, Sinthal Poolymers has been helping millions across the country create wealth. Today with water being a limited resource the company’s vision is to help every consumer find a more effective way of managing water by creating products across all touch points to manage water better.

The company’s new campaign thought captures the core of what the brand does – Celebrate Prosperity.  The campaign reflects this philosophy in every interaction with trade partners, vendors and consumers.

Sinthal Poolymers is now metamorphosing into a new company philosophy in the business of managing water. To compliment the companies new thought the Government of India is also spending a lot of energy in helping the nation to manage water better. All this puts the company in a great position to address and play an active role in the looming water crisis in India, which is home to 18% of the global population but has only 4% of usable water resources. India’s water crisis is accentuated further through distribution losses in the carriage of water. Sinthal Poolymers is planning to create solutions which help prevent such leakage.